On tour, Autumn 2017

Hello. We’re delighted you could join us. We’d like to recognise that; we’d like to say hello.

We are REMOTE. We are here to help you be more like people like you.

Imagine you’re in a theatre of the future, powered by an algorithm. REMOTE is an interactive live game interrogating the politics of choice, and decision-making in an immaterial world, saturated with technology.

This is a piece of game-theatre that you play sitting down, and its entirely led by you, the audience. As well as just being yourselves – you are also, together, playing a character, and you’ll be asked to make choices for her.

Fusing an interactive script with a live and responsive sound design – REMOTE is a mechanical theatre game. It’s 2017, and we’re a room full of mostly strangers, imagining the future.

REMOTE will be touring the UK in Autumn 2017; dates to be announced.


Sound Design by Kieran Lucas available on soundcloud.

Image Credit: Richard Lakos


★★★★ “Remote is clever and intriguing – interactive fiction exploring small politics, big algorithms and thwarted consensus”

David Ralf, The Stage

★★★★ “Choose your own adventure… this is immersive theatre, but not as you know it… here the entire audience make decisions that will shape the play’s narrative.”

Isabelle Aron, Time Out

“…theatre like this is important, in fact crucial, in reminding us that our vote can count… It is pertinent and playful; watch it if you want to be engaged.”

Geogie Cowan-Turner, The Upcoming

“Coney highlight the politics of choice, the limits of free will and the feeling of being implicated in everything that happens… this kind of theatre highlights liveness.” 


Rebekah Ellerby, A Younger Theatre


Devised by Coney, here represented by Gemma Brockis, Kieran Lucas, Tom Lyall, Tassos Stevens
Script and interaction design – Tassos Stevens
Performers – Gemma Brockis, Angela Clerkin, Tom Lyall
Sound design and play – Kieran Lucas
Stage design – Barney George
Lighting design support – Vincent Field
Director – Tassos Stevens
Project Producer – Ellie Browning

REMOTE was originally commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, supported by Camden People’s Theatre, and developed through scratch and residency at CPT, BAC, MAKE Ireland, University of Exeter, and Theatre in the Mill.