We The People (of Folkestone East and West) will be part of Normal? Festival of the Brain on Sunday 28 May, 3pm 

A gameshow about the times we’re living in and the habits we need to cultivate to make a better difference. It’s a quiz about the radical act of community, with questions set by the people of Folkestone and prizes to be won.

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We The People (of this place) is in development and will be landing across the UK throughout 2017

A piece of playing theatre in the early stages of development, theres a hunch that it will become a piece of music theatre; with singing as one-way in which the audience can take a meaningful part.

We The People (of this place) is interested in the radical act of taking care of other people, of compassion, and communality. And what is represented by the act of making a gift to a stranger.

It aims to meet with empathy working class people who are precarious in their economic existence, perhaps feeling disengaged from mainstream politics, and make dialogue about how to make a better future together with audiences of diverse backgrounds.

It wants to ask good questions about the future of work, about immigration, and what might be at the heart of a new progressive politics.

Part of its development will be fed by events in Local Agency, engaging communities and local makers in different parts of the UK and beyond, especially missions and operations making gifts with lovely impact. Well be looking at how to retell stories of these missions to involve a wider audience.





Sunday 28 May

Mill Bay
CT20 1BN


Representing Coney is: Tassos Stevens and others tbc including local makers from the place.