A Timeline of Coney

Hello, Toby here – under my guise as Playful Accomplice. I’m delighted to bring to you a timeline of some of Coney’s brilliant backstory.

We commissioned an Illustrator, Joe Davis, to pull together some of Coney’s past projects, from the last 8 years and even before the name Coney was taken, with his fantastic illustrations. 

From adventuring around in a project at the National Theatre to the Raven from A Small Town Anywhere to the crown and cards from our days at Kensington Palace, Joe has packed the timeline with some of our fondest memories. 

You can see his wonderful illustrations and explore the interactive timeline below…

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.22

Illustration: Joe Davis
Design: Ben Jones

Stepping back from the timeline it reminds us of our journey so far and how we have changed since taking our first steps. Where those steps became a hop. 

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