A set of clues: Gumshoe

Kicking off the first blog of the new year from across the pond, Tassos Stevens writes…

I was back in Philadelphia in December for Coney, collaborating with New Paradise Laboratories in devising Gumshoe, an adventure in detective fiction around the cities’ libraries.

Following… a set of clues sneaked from playtests we ran at the Parkway Central Library, from its magnificent lobby to back passages and secret doorways.

001 (1)

The real Security were puzzled by the portaphone.


Tail one of these two.


Don’t trust everything you read.


But follow this.


The audience had been handed a lost letter to deliver. They went up a back stairwell and found their way to ring this doorbell, with a label we’d stuck fifteen minutes prior. The performer who answered was rather giggly. Later, he revealed that five minutes prior to the audience arriving, the doorbell rang. He answered it to a woman, a genuine member of the public, who handed him a lost letter, and then went on her way. He had been convinced we’d sent her up as a joke.


Two entrances into the Bureau of Mysteries, the division of detective-librarians operating from a secret HQ inside the library. One is the elevator. One is your smartphone.


Recognise him?


A message in mid-delivery, if you can spot it.

Gumshoe opens in April 2017. Send along anyone you know in reach of Pennsylvania, with a tip and a wink.


It wouldn’t be Philadelphia without a food tip. This unmarked food truck, sitting close to a branch of Starbucks on Market and 20th, makes the very best takeaway chicken and falafel in existence. You have no choice over your order. The guy adds an apple, maybe some lychee, chats non-stop about how this is like a 200 dollar meal in the best hotels, how nutrition is health and you’ll save on your hospital bills if you eat his food. He’s right. A regular whispered to me not to get drawn into conversation, because it means everyone else in the line will end up waiting forever. He’s right. But it’s worth the wait.


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