Morag returns to Hexham: Local Agency Phase 2

Local Agency is back in Northumberland, with our very own Northern powerhouse Morag Iles kicking things off with fellow associate Toby Peach and a brilliant team of local makers. With much of the project still under wraps, here’s a sneak peak from Morag:


Phase 2 of Local Agency North East has landed! With my own eyes I saw Coney Associate, Playful Accomplice and London resident Toby Peach in Northumberland sharing the principles of loveliness, curiosity and adventure with eleven young people from Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham. 

Exciting things are afoot in the town but I cannot tell you everything right now. What I can say involves 1 community, 11 young people, 5 local theatre makers and 1 visual artist, sharing stories and revealing secrets about place. 

It may be their place, it may be someone else’s place or they may have not figured out their place yet. We shall have to wait and see!

That’s all for now, but watch this space for more Local Agency updates to come.

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