YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE: introducing the team

This week has seen us kicking off rehearsals for YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE, an immersive production presented by Free Word and Camden People’s Theatre exploring our post-privacy word. With its debut performance on the horizon, we are delighted to announce the full team to you here, including the makers behind it all, plus our exceptional cast.


William Drew     Co-Designer, Co-Writer and Resercher

William Drew is an artist, writer and designer making interactive work as Venice as a Dolphin, as a Coney associate and as Head of Experience for HiddenCity. His work with Coney includes: The Green Gold Conspiracy, Adventure 1FuturePlay and curating A Scratch Night of Play.

Kieran Lucas     Sound Design

Kieran is a sound designer, theatre-maker, musician, composer, technician and performer. He is a founding member of Barrel Organ theatre company and a Coney Associate. His work with Coney includes: REMOTE.

Michelle McMahon     Co-Director

Michelle is an actor, director and theatre maker. Her work with Coney includes: Early Days (of a better nation)House of Cards, Crack the CodeFuturePlay and Adventure 1.

Tassos Stevens     Co-Designer, Co-Writer and Co-Director

Tassos is a theatre-maker, interaction designer and Runner & Director of Coney. He is both artist and scientist, with a doctorate in psychology. Recent work with Coney includes:The Common, REMOTE and What’s She Like.


Angela Clerkin

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.43.21

Angela is a performer, writer, Irish dancer, theatre maker, and an Associate Artist with Improbable and Chris Goode & Co. Previous work: The Importance of Being Earnest (Birmingham REP), Every One (Chris Goode & Company) and The Haunting of Hill House (Sonia Freedman). For Coney: Early Days (of a better nation) and REMOTE.

Alejandro De Mesa


Alejandro is a Colombian-Spanish actor, dancer and theatre-maker. Previous work: The Coroner (BBC), Turmoil (Dende Collective) and Palace (Alejandro De Mesa). For Coney: a scratch of Dis Place at A Scratch Night of Play.

Dan Ford


Dan is an actor, a researcher and a lecturer at St Mary’s University. Previous work: The Generation of Z (Riverside Studios), The Seed (Goat & Monkey) and Fat Pig (Trafalgar  Studios). For Coney: Adventure 1House of Cards, Crack the Code.

Tom Lyall

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 13.44.22

Tom is a theatre maker, writer, performer and Associate Artist with Shunt. Previous work: Séance (Darkfield), Wiretapper 2016 (Wiretapper) and Longwave (Chris Goode & Company). For Coney: REMOTE.

Richard Popple


Richard is an actor, writer, producer and lecturer. Previous work: Refugee (CTVC), Against Captain’s Orders (PunchDrunk) and The Boy Who Climbed Out of his Face (Shunt). For Coney: House of Cards at Kensington Palace.

Segen Yosef               


Segen is a director, performer and theatre maker. Previous work: Brainstorm (Company Three), Boat (Scratch) (Company Three) and Other (Please Specify) (Company Three). For Coney: The Common at A Scratch Night of Play.

We are so pleased to be working with this exceptional team to bring the project to fruition. YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE will be presented to an invited audience at Free Word on the 9th March.


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