Seafood, Chopin and good conversation in Folkestone

Hi there, it’s Jyothi here – and by here, I mean in gloriously sunny Folkestone.



While other Coneys know this seaside town well, this is my first time in Folkestone. And what an introduction it is. The picturesque blue is blindingly bright today and seafood stalls line the harbour. Tassos just witnessed my first taste of oysters and whelks, a turning point in my life which has thus far tragically lacked disgusting-looking yet delicious sea-squidges.

Coney have been in Folkestone all this week having conversations with the people we meet to discover stories of daily life, identity and change in this community – the stories known only to the people of this place. I spent this particular afternoon being chased by giant seagulls and listening to Chopin, which gifted me just a couple of these stories. This intel-gathering is in preparation for Sunday’s pub quiz for We The People (of Folkestone East & West), as part of Normal? Festival of the Brain.



We have been meeting some brave and curious local people throughout the week. Any rumours that this is part of a playful secret agency on reconnaissance towards a gifting missions should be discounted as rumours.

If you fancy paying a trip to the seaside this weekend (and I’d really recommend it), you can find us at Folkestone Quarterhouse for We The People (of Folkestone East & West) on Sunday 28 May at 3pm. Tickets are free, and you can either click here to book them or just come along on the day.

What could be better than an ice cream and a pub quiz by the sea?

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