Hunting Superlambananas in Liverpool

Hello, Jyothi here – on election results day with nary a full hour’s sleep behind me. I’m sure I’m not the only one unable to get a sound night’s rest as the news of this hung parliament unfolded, and for those early risers (or all-nighters) in Liverpool this morning, we had the perfect medicine for an election hangover: We The People (of Liverpool), a pub quiz about community with Unity Theatre at 8.15am.



I landed in Liverpool yesterday, joining Tassos and local producer Rachel to discover the brilliant conversations they had been having with Liverpool locals – from Somali community workers to Conservative Club members – ahead of the election and as part of We The People. Striking up meaningful conversations with people, asking about how open their city is and what they are hopeful for this election, we heard some touching and surprising reflections on this community.



My own conversational route through the city was kicked off by a hunt for the Superlambanana, a task set for me by Maureen of St George’s Hall – and as a stranger to this fruit-animal hybrid, nothing could seem more bizarre and uniquely Liverpudlian. On my journey I met police horses, learnt about crepe making and discovered streaky bacon buildings. And I also found stories of concern and hope: Zoe sleeping through her alarm and nearly missing her voting window; Raj finding acceptance and respect from all types of people here; Maureen seeing the beauty in a city which continues to reinvent itself.

And, in the midst of political upheaval and uncertainty, we’re finding the beauty in our commonalities this morning.

Oh, and competing for prizes. It is a pub quiz after all.

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