Commissioned by Imperial War Museums

The Shadow of the Future

Coney was commissioned by Imperial War Museums to create a interactive game to get Key Stage 4 history students thinking critically and creatively about the Cold War.

The Shadow of the Future recruits students into a think tank to learn about and play the Prisoner’s Dilemma, exploring the risks and strategies behind planned nuclear attacks during the Cold War. Using game theory, students are set games and tasks looking at the Prisoner’s Dilemma as it relates to how USA-Russian relations unfolded in the 1060s and 70s.

The Shadow of the Future can be played by school groups of GCSE History students at Imperial War Museums Duxford from October 2017; contact them or send us an email if you would like to find out more.


Concept by Coney
Makers David Finnigan and Toby Peach
Design Ben Jones
Programmer Gareth Damian-Martin
Ear Tassos Stevens
Producer Natalie Adams