AGOL Boxes


A Game of Legacy is a Coney project made for and by Jedi master of play Bernie DeKoven, as he nears the end of his life. Exploring what it means to pass on to posterity, with playfulness, reflection and making something rather joyful along the way, it’s a project very close to the heart of Coney.

Over a hundred backers helped make the physical game happen through a Kickstarter campaign, and the game has now gone out to these people. The response was overwhelming, and we’re so grateful to everyone who supported the project.

Without giving too much away, here’s an idea of what the game looks like, from co-creator Tassos:

It’s a parcel posted to the host. You invite other players to join you around a table. Your phone will ring, and we’ll ask you to turn on a screen. And then to open together, in turn, a series of surprise parcels. Inside which will be… a game of legacy, which you will make and play (and laugh) together. While Bernie and I sit with you, in a moment together on a bench in a park in Indianapolis, connected to you all in play.


We’ll be sharing more news about A Game of Legacy soon, so keep checking this page for updates – or to be the first to hear, join Coney’s mailing list
A game by Bernie DeKoven & Tassos Stevens

Made for Bernie DeKoven by Coney
• Illustrations by Hoda Adra
• Design by Gary Campbell
• Online design by Gareth Damian Martin & Tassos Stevens
• Producing by Jyothi Giles
• Sound design by Kieran Lucas
• Writing by Tassos Stevens