We’re Going To Tell You A Secret

At KARNABAL Festival 2016, Manila

What’s She Like game release

Masterclass in Making Interactive Theatre, 18 – 22 July 2016

Inside a Coney Masterclass: Part 2

Inside a Coney Masterclass: Part 2

In February, we held a week-long Masterclass in the principles, processes and techniques of Coney. Katrine Turner‘s superpowers are Super-Collaboration and Enthusiasm Even in the… Read more »

Inside a Coney Masterclass: Part 1

3 in 1: Local Agency in Newcastle

REMOTE production shots

REMOTE reviews round-up

REMOTE reviews round-up

Image: Richard Lakos Featured in Lyn Gardners Top Tickets, REMOTE is now in it’s final week at Camden People’s Theatre, the reviews… Read more »

The version of REMOTE which takes place in West Euston