We make work for and with audiences of all ages, from creating adventures with youth theatres to sweeping primary school children into fictional worlds. Here you can find specific information on our projects with schools, children and young people.

Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning are interactive stories that take place in the classroom to motivate formal learning. They’re made with all the attention to detail and artistic values that characterises Coney’s work for adults, but are constructed in close collaboration with teachers to create an engaging narrative framework within which learning can be delivered. Using online communications, performance, pervasive technology and the Royal Mail we deliver a call to adventure that allows pupils to become heroes in their own story.

Tassos Stevens and Tom Bowtell discuss Adventures in Learning in 2011.

Four principles lie at the heart of each Adventure in Learning project:

  • Stories drive learning. Our work has shown that the commitment, enjoyment and especially motivation of learning are increased if presented to pupils as part of an exciting story.
  • Teachers can deliver adventures. Teachers are empowered to create and deliver each learning adventure, with positive continuing professional development (CPD) in teacher in role, story-based learning and game theory.
  • All children have different super powers. A common goal unites the class  and by highlighting different ‘super powers’ of the individual children, they can all play an active role and feel valued.
  • Responsiveness creates a sense of agency. The adventures we create always pose a dilemma that only the class can solve – giving participating children the chance to be heroes and directly influence the outcome.


Bespoke work

Coney are experts at making work with and for children and young people that has sustained impact. If you’re interested in develop a bespoke Adventure in Learning or project with young people, get in touch.