William Drew is an artist, writer and designer, based in Brighton. He makes interactive work as Venice as a Dolphin, as a Coney associate and is Head of Experience for HiddenCity. In 2012, Coney gave William the opportunity to play-test the first game he ever made: The Eschaton, inspired by the eponymous fictional game described in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Since then, he was collaborated with Tassos Stevens and others on a number of Coney projects including The Green Gold Conspiracy, Adventure 1 and FuturePlay. Last year, William curated a scratch night of playing theatre for Coney at Camden People’s Theatre.

In addition to his work as a maker, he regularly writes on the subject of performance and games and his writing has appeared in Exeunt, Kill Screen, Rock Paper Shotgun and Wired.  Upcoming projects include Camden People’s Radio for Camden People’s Theatre: an artist-led community radio installation.


www.veniceasadolphin.com | @WJDDrew