The Young Coneys are young people making theatre, adventures and games for others, especially grown-ups, to play. All is infused with our ethos of adventure, curiosity and loveliness.

The Young Coneys are made up of young people from boroughs all over London, met by Coney through outreach workshops and projects via their own grown-ups in schools, homes, and youth groups.

We involve the young people for whom this will have most impact, on their confidence and agency, relationships, and creative skills for life. The Young Coneys’ voice and vision is at the heart of their creative process, facilitated by the grown-ups of Coney.

Their play may gather audiences – like The Droves – or meet them online – like Kids Take Over.

To find out more about the Young Coneys, or if you’d like to get involved, email


The Droves


We especially loved both these responses – from Exeunt and What’s On Stage – because they capture why we wanted to make this.

Kids Take Over

[click image to play]

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