Come Out & Play this weekend

Two games from Coney are playing the streets and cemeteries of New York this weekend as part of the brilliant Come Out & Play festival.

In Counter/Demo, players download an mp3 in advance and then press play at the same time to become either a demonstrator against their ruler Little Boss or a counter-demonstrator defusing the demo. Either way they are listening as if to a live radio broadcast and get their instructions jamming the signal at regular intervals. But no one knows which side anyone else is on until the crunch. Plays today at 2pm EDT.

More info is via
Advance sign-up is via

In Necropolis Family Tree, players are trailing through Green Wood Cemetery in search of fictional relatives to prove their claim to the Macabre inheritance. The thing about the Macabre family is that they always use different surnames. So any grave may be that of a Macabre, and after placing a flower as a mark of respect, players write the deceased into their fictional family history to present to lawyers Shyster, Shyster and Mee and battle their rivals.

Plays throughout the weekend and more information and sign-up via

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