Come Out & Played

Counter/Demo went very nicely at Come Out & Play. Players downloaded an mp3 as either a demonstrator or counter-demonstrator, pressed play at the same time, and followed as it led. You can see the report in The Daily Bellow

But Necropolis Family Tree went brilliantly and won the festival’s Best Use of Space award. The game saw players exploring Brooklyn ’s Green Wood Cemetery in search of the graves of an oddball assortment of long-lost relatives in the hope of being named the true heir of the Macabre family fortune. 

We hope that both games go through many enjoyable reincarnations on both sides of the pond.

Coney can be any number of people making play but…

…Necropolis Family Tree was designed by Tara Gladden and Chris Till with the help of Mel Cook, Alyn Gwyndaf, Steve Mills, Tassos Stevens, Anna Wexler.

…and Counter/Demo was designed and devised by Neil Bennun, Tom Haines and Tassos Stevens, voiced by Gemma Saunders, reconnoitred by Chris Till and assisted on the ground by Andy Field, Tara Gladden, Tahiat Mahboob, Scott Price and (a big hand to last-minute Little Boss) Andy Ashcraft.




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