Shanks Pony Transport

The Shanks Pony Transport left South Kensington Railway Station, taking visitors to the Island. After stopping for Haribo from Finlay’s newsagents, the Transport swung through the backstreets of Chelsea, picking up an immigration waiver from Reginald of Liaisons Abroad as he worried imaginary ducks on the Kings Road, and then through customs on the Albert Bridge, still being built by the children of Interserve and into the Island (sited inside a warehouse in Battersea) with countless attractions – personal favourite the venerable game of Stoolball – before the main attraction, the musical set from the lads of the London Snorkelling Team with delirious hosting from Dr Inshiquin and the existentially-challenged magician Braeburn Valmont.

The Shanks Pony Transport was powered by feet and an audio playlist to take visitors from the tube to a fairly inaccessible island.

As the rubric runs, Coney can be any of many people making play… but here it was Chris Branch, Gemma Saunders and Tassos Stevens.

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