Playing with monkeys

Rumours can be confirmed of Coney’s embroilment in the unfolding story and play of The Legend of the Blind Monkey, a game played out online through and three mobster family pages in Facebook, and soon to burst onto the streets before a huge party finale, the final whirl of the play.

In Golden City, three underworld families of monkey mobsters are warring to see which of their rank will rise to become the next Boss as the old Boss ‘Blind’ Monkey retires. There’s a series of simple challenges to level up mob reputation and more playful weekly missions for the families, with a story initially slow burning that is about to twist like a monkey’s tail before the climax at the Mobsters Ball at a secret location on Sat 4th December. Tickets to the Ball can only be gotten by being a good mobster. The new Boss will take the Golden Treasure, symbol of true power, its nature itself still a mystery…

The Legend of the Blind Monkey was commissioned from us and digital agency Purple by the whisky Monkey Shoulder. It’s a romp we’ve enjoyed making, basically King Lear meets The Godfather on the Planet of the Apes. We can also reveal that the man from Monkey Shoulder played a blinder as La Journaliste in A Small Town Anywhere last year.

As ever, it’s what the players are doing to indulge their simian side that’s an absolute delight…


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