one brilliant sea

A message from Rabbit that was requested by one of the organisers of one of the demonstrations today in London, to be read out amongst many other messages from those who are not present.

This message got pushed underneath our door this morning in response to that request, a note that was a little difficult to read, so hope we’ve transcribed it right.

If you’d like to be present at the demonstrations, then visit for more information.

Or more London-wide information at

And/or have a go at the undemonstration Rabbit suggests, whenever and wherever is right.

Hello, this is Rabbit

You are all here. This is a brilliant thing. You are demonstrating what you care about, what’s important. You are one big mass of people assembled to make one big important point. You are demonstrators, and with you, big things will happen.

But there are other people present here I am sure, only one step away from the demonstration, but who are not a part of it. Or not a part of it… yet. Other people on the streets or people working for these companies – who might be curious, moved, bewildered, scared, any or all of the things that people feel when they see a crowd that they are not a part of, yet. And some other people who are here to keep you in check: police, security, even possibly the odd secret agent. They are paid to do this, although of course not enough and even that might be cut, and some of them may soon be realising that they have more in common with you than they now think.

“This is water”. Remember that phrase, google it, and it will lead you to a beautiful speech by the writer David Foster Wallace. “This is water”. It’s partly about recognising the connections between all of us people, which are more important than the roles we are currently occupying, because roles can always change.

And if you’d like a challenge from me (but don’t worry if you don’t) then I’d ask one simple thing of you the next time you have opportunity (but don’t worry if you don’t). Here or anywhere you choose later. A challenge to make a connection with someone who is not like you, or at least you don’t think is like you. And do this with no agenda but to make that connection and then be open to whatever happens next and have fun wherever it takes you. This is an undemonstration that I am occupied with now, designed to be one complement to this here demonstration of yours, something anyone can do wherever and whenever they happen to be. Just like water, it might flow wherever it needs to, powered by the connections between individual drops of society. Just as you are all here, one brilliant sea of people.

To all of us, all the best wishes.

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