Mustang VS Mosaic at Bristol's IgFest

Over the last bank holiday weekend, Coney was present at Bristol’s marvellous Interesting Games Festival, aka ‘igfest‘.

Tassos Stevens and Ellie Robinson were there to represent Coney, with the game ‘Mustang VS Mosaic’ designed by them with online input from Ken Eklund, Pippa Johnson, Steve Mills, Andrew Hiskens, Annette Mees, Rachael Smith and Rhiannon Armstrong.

Mustang VS Mosaic tells the tale of a loveliness-spreading collective that have split into two factions: Mustangs, intent on anonymous loveliness for the individual, stealthily cover the streets with post-its containing handwritten messages of loveliness to be enjoyed by unsuspecting members of the public; Mosaics, who believe loveliness should be a public spectacle to be consumed en-masse, have heard about this operation and are trying to collect these post-its – and the Mustangs – to create a giant symbol of loveliness for all to see. It’s reverse-pickpocketing the world and tailing combined.

Without any prior playtesting (eek), the game ran on Saturday and Sunday evening, with many brilliantly enthusiastic players. Two delightful banners of loveliness were produced –  pictures attached for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday’s banner of loveliness

Sunday’s banner of loveliness

And here’s a picture of our Silver Squid – Coney’s prize for designing a game that was really fun to play. Thanks to all the players who voted for us!

Whilst we were there we played and observed lots of other cool games, especially the immense 2.8 Hours Later: few things can beat running with friends and strangers through a deserted shopping centre crawling with zombies late at night. It was great, but unfortunately, Ellie was lost to the zombies. Zombification aside, a huge pleasure to hang out with friends, especially the gang from Come Out & Play, who we enjoyed playing the unofficial drinking game ‘from dusk til dawn’ with.

Finally we’d like to say thanks to our friends Simon Johnson and Simon Evans at Slingshot Effect, who produced the festival, and to everyone else who was involved in producing and playing. Awesome.

Tassos and Ellie 🙂

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