An outing for Adventures in Learning to the TES Resources Show

Coney’s Adventures in Learning team had a suitably successful weekend at TES Resources Show London. Other stalls may have had a rhino made of grass or a questionably realistic Jack Sparrow, but our stall looked great with shiny new posters and a 3 metre invisible rabbit.



Tom and Ruth, looking sharp

For those unfamiliar with Adventures in Learning, it’s a core strand of Coney’s work that creates adventures in the classroom to motivate formal learning. A Cat Escapes was the first adventure we created, and was the main project we spoke about at the conference. It’s an interactive narrative for KS2, where the pupils have to help Jasmine – a character from S. F. Said’s Varjak Paw books- escapes from misguided catnappers. The adventure is delivered to the classroom through the Royal Mail, email and a live theatrrical finale. One lovely teacher declared it ‘the most exciting and motivating project that I’ve done in 22 years of teaching!’.

Over two days at the TES Show we spoke to hundreds of teachers who were passionate about creative ways to teach the National Curriculum and incorporating storytelling and gameplay in their teaching. Some interesting conversations were had, particularly about a new Adventure for 2-5 year olds which is in the Coney pipeline… More soon!

Alex and Tom

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