“A Moment in Yarn is a meeting of two yarns, a yarn you tell about a memory you hold dear, and a yarn that is crocheted to hold that memory.”

You sit down with an agent who asks you to tell them a story, which they then turn into a tangible and textured memento and keepsake. It’s an intimate and often exquisite exchange.

Melbourne-based artist Sayraphim Lothian was inspired to first make A Moment in Yarn after taking part in a series of workshops run in Melbourne by Tassos Stevens and hearing about The Loveliness Principle . When Sayra visited the UK in September 2012, Coney facilitated her training of agents in the art of ‘momenteering’, helping her blueprint the piece and running a workshop for new agents. All agents, dubbed ‘momenteers’, then presented A Moment In Yarn as a scratch in the foyer of Battersea Arts Centre. The hope is that it will become a travelling piece with agents all over the world and yarns from everywhere might meet.

Maddy Costa of the Guardian was a participant in the project and shares her thoughts here.






A Moment in Yarn is by Sayraphim Lothian, and was presented in this instance by Coney.
Producer: Alyn Gwyndaf
Ear: Tassos Stevens
Momenteers at BAC: Elena Colman, Lixi Chivas, Nell Ranney, Sayraphim Lothian