SuperMe is a web game made up of videos, games, quizzes and cheat codes. It’s about resilience: how to feel good when life chucks you lemons. How to be better at thinking positively. How to cope with, and learn to love, failure.

By playing through every piece of content you’ll score points, collect experience and earn achievements. And as you get better at the game, you’ll get better at life. Win!


SuperMe was a hugely successful digital commission for Channel 4 Education made by Somethin’ Else in collaboration with Preloaded and Coney. It’s a collection of games, videos, and quizzes aiming to talk about resilience as a more positive approach to mental well-being. The ethos of Channel 4 was to start where the audience is at; not to make educational TV because no teen watches that, nor to make a project about ‘mental health’ because that’s stigmatising for teens.

Coney ran workshops with groups of teenagers to map the impact of resilience learning, and to play around with ideas for games. Tassos Stevens of Coney was also an associate producer for the project, assuring how the learning about resilience fed into the design of games and editorial of all content. Follow-up evaluation showed beautifully that the audience was sticking to the site in numbers and coming away with the desired learning.

In 2012 an upgrade of the material for SuperMe led to the development of SuperSight, a game about clear-sighted reflection. Here again Coney led the research with groups of teens at Southfields College, with the first playtest session especially informing crucial changes in the design, and helped shape the game to be one with appeal for both girls and boys. Tassos continued working with the team to wrangle the learning into the game-design and the world devised and written by Neil Bennun. The result is SuperSight, a game you can play online but also download for iPhone and Android

SuperMe won the Media Guardian 2011 MEGA: Technology for Social Change.

SuperMe was nominated for two 2010 BIMA awards: Educational & Outreach Award and Multi-Platform.


“Absolutely brilliant game – the best resilience resource bar none I’ve seen so far.”

Sophie Haworth, Chief Executive, Resilience, The Young Foundation

“It’s the best bit of public service media aimed at teens you will see this year. Full stop.”

Hugh Garry, Senior Producer, BBC A&Mi


Coney was here represented by Alex Rowse, Georgina Bednar, Glyn Cannon, Tassos Stevens and Tom Bowtell.

Full credits can be found on the SuperMe site here.