The Loveliness Principle is a challenge to you to discover something precious and remarkable, a hunt for signs that will lead you into an adventure that might possibly change the way you see the world.

It’s a hunt called by a mysterious agent called Rabbit: nobody knows who or what is Rabbit. Coney built the hunt as a delivery mechanism for a gift from Rabbit to anyone willing to play.

The Loveliness Principle explores a principle of Coney, in a way that is not sickly-sweet but about taking care of others and the joy of the unexpected. Making a gift to people in a way that is surprising and delightful is something that might help change the world for the better, one step at a time. Often the act of making a gift can have more consequences that the gift itself.

The piece is remade responsively to happen inside different events and places across the world. Audiences may stumble across it at a festival or a lecture, online or outside.

The Loveliness Principle was originally created by Rachael Smith, Rhiannon Armstrong and Tassos Stevens for Coney, co-produced by Battersea Arts Centre for their One-on-One Festival in 2010. Since then many reincarnations have  occurred, and the ones we know about are listed below.

Its development for touring has been supported by The Jerwood Charitable Foundation.





Coney has been represented by a whole host of people on this project so far.

Creation: Rachael Smith, Rhiannon Armstrong and Tassos Stevens.
Deliveries: Alyn Gwyndaf, Cheyne Mitchell, Rachael Smith, Rhiannon Armstrong, Sayraphim Lothian, Tassos Stevens and many local agents.