Summer 2006

Rabbit’s friend Jenny Blenheim works as an usher at the National Theatre. She’s seen and heard some strange things in the foyers. She finds a fragment of a ticket with the logo NTT – why the extra T? – and then disappears. Rabbit breaks into the printing of the National’s brochure to leave a sign for the curious to get in touch and help find Jenny.

Meanwhile Dr Misnuneris is a mishap phenomenologist and looking for research volunteers to note the spate of mishaps plaguing performances at the National. Is there a connection?

Rabbit: NTT was a 6-week adventure in around and about the National Theatre and its shadow. It wove together a mini-adventure through the foyers, a séance with a shadow actor channelled through the bust of Olivier, clues embedded in the spaces, soundtracks and performances in the theatre, online hauntings, and the true story of Sir Ralph Richardson’s Rocket. For the finale, several hundred players gathered beneath Somerset House at 7.23pm waiting for a signal from Rabbit. It came at 7.30pm when the illuminated sign at the front of the building suddenly read ‘Hello, this is Rabbit’ with instructions to tune into a radio play broadcast from the shadow of the National Theatre. Players cast themselves into the broadcast to foil a dastardly plot with the help of the kidnapped Jenny and Mr Kingsway (voiced by Simon Russell Beale), all culminating on the rooftop of the building.

This project was an audience development initiative commissioned by the National Theatre to bring its summer outdoor audience indoors in 2006. 100 hardcore players and 500 more discovered the most exciting route into the National Theatre into spooky events happening over the summer, digging into the history of the building online and into performances they would never otherwise likely have attended – all guided by exchanges with Rabbit.


Made by Rabbit with the help of Coney.