What happened at Coney's Evening of (Big) Play

We had a joyful evening at Shoreditch Town Hall on June 11th, when 60 players joined us to experiment with some brand new games and ideas. Coney’s Evening of (Big) Play was mostly made up of ceremonial dancing, acts of loveliness, trading cards, playing the crowd and Agadoo (sorry). This free event gave us the opportunity to devise new mechanisms for the Coney blend of pervasive gaming and theatre, and find out what is retained or lost when playing with larger audiences.

Some of our favourite moments included…

Image of people lining up

Sorting themselves out according to height.

Sort Yourselves Out
How to warm up a crowd of strangers? Get them to stand very close together in a spectrum of their similar attributes, the poles of which are being blared out by speakers at either end. We began with a straightforward small to tall line up, and it got progressively stranger with players arranging themselves by waltz vs techno and how much they stand out in a crowd.

Image of Tom Bowtell and Agatha the dragon

Agatha gets ready for the meal of her life.

Feed Agatha
Players became the members of a small town, where they are terrorised all year by a bloodthirsty dragon called Agatha. Apart from blood, she also quite likes ping-pong balls, which could be earnt by completing a number of activities including Ceremonial Dancing, paper plane creation in the Aerodrome and physical challenges in the Gym. Sadly, after 3 seasons, Agatha was not satiated and so the town sacrificed a dishonorable individual in order to save themselves from her wrath. Until next time…

Image of a gaggle of players attempting to impress Laura

Attempting to impress Laura (they sang the ‘R’).

Impress Laura
An open space moment turned into a chaotic frenzy when Coney’s co-directors challenged the players to Impress Laura (our delightful host). Those were the only instructions and the photograph above is what they came up with in mere minutes. Laura was very impressed, as were we.

Image of group of people

Thinking hard about what possible glitches could be caused in the workplace.

Loveliness in the Workplace
Groups of various sizes were challenged to devise a momentary suspension of every day activity in a team member’s workplace, with magical and lovely results. Pitches included: elephants in a zoo weeing rainbows, an anti-gravity button on your desk at work, pirates giving out hugs and many more very realistic creations.

A humongous thank you to all who played or volunteered- it was fantastic learning and marvelous fun. We really enjoy sharing elements of Coney’s creative process and invite those of you in the big smoke to join us again at Shoreditch Town Hall this week for interactive sharings by Coney and the participants of our 7-day Masterclass.

Alex Rowse

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