Show + Tell Salon on Systems

An excerpt from Storify.


On June 19th the network of Coney presented a Salon on Systems as part of ArtsAdmin’s Two Degrees Festival. Joining us were speakers Andy Merritt (Something & Son), Claire Buckley (Julie’s Bicycle), Jennie McShannon (The Civil Society Forum), Holly Gramazio (Hide & Seek) and Dr Bill Savage (Uni of Tasmania).
  1. And here is the lovely @tomlfrankland introducing the evening here at @artsadm for @two_degrees #systemssalon
  2. ‘We wanted to experiment with different food technologies throughout the building’ @farmlondon #systemssalon
  3. What is the potential of 3D printing? @SomethingandSon ‘s 3D printing tree, responding to individuals in local community #systemssalon
  4. Andy asked ‘can art only ever play the system or can it be a tool to change the system?’ What do you think? #systemssalon
  5. Systems are becoming more and more complex (i.e ambiguous, unpredictable) – Jennie McShannon #SystemsSalon #TwoDegs2013
  6. ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’ #systemssalon
  7. Thinking about systems differently is like crossing your arms with the other arm on top – Jennie McShannon #SystemsSalon #TwoDegs2013
  8. Audience break for discussion after Andy and Jennie’s talks- can you beat the system? #systemssalon
  9. Jennie McShannon from Civil Society Forum was brilliant-talking of increased ambiguity & inherent unpredictability of systems #systemssalon
  10. We’re back to the speakers as @severalbees of @hidingseeking asks ‘how do you explain the rules of the game?’ #SystemsSalon
  11. Do you explain a game within the world? Board games tend to explain rules outside the game world; videogames usually in world #systemssalon
  12. ‘It’s even more perplexing to get rules into people’s heads with live large scale games’ #systemssalon
  13. To all the ‘systems innovators’ operating in their cosy sector silos, how do you help explain the rules of the game? #systemssalon
  14. Small steps CAN lead to bigger change. The arts & cultural sector has a huge resource with reach – Claire Buckley #SystemsSalon #TwoDegs2013
  15. Apologies to those expecting to hear from Dr Bill Savage, he appears to have been held up on the way from Tasmania #systemssalon
  16. Michelle from House of Cards at Kensington Palace is presenting on behalf of Bill #systemssalon
  17. What are you doing in the system? Conforming? Confronting? Ignoring? or Challenging? #systemssalon
  18. ‘I like to spend time reading board game instructions, my sisters like to be shown- there is no one answer, it is subjective’ #systemssalon
  19. “It’s one thing when it’s Monopoly; quite another when it’s your life.” Hard to argue with @tomlfrankland there #systemssalon
  20. Just come back from #systemssalon. Great speakers, thought-provoking discussions around systems, how we use them and can we change them
  21. And as for Dr Savage…
  22. Funny the fall out that comes of someone deciding to have just another mojito at home. When home is Tasmania. #systemssalon @agencyofconey

See the full Storify of the event, including YouTube videos, here.

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