July 2011

In the summer of 2011 Coney created an online digital fortune teller, in a unique way for visitors to connect to the cultural secrets of Camden. Camden is somewhere special; serendipitous, rebellious, adventurous, felicitous and always going against the grain. It is full of secret venues, unexpected gatherings, small gigs, lost rivers, hidden catacombs, under-the-radar artists and subterranean stories.

Operated by the master of covert culture, Mr Eks, our ‘Cultural Serendipity Machine’ magically divined which Camden explorer you were: the visionary, the adventurer, the poet,  the jester, the dandy or the bohemian, and then sent you on to a suitable adventure.

With more than 101 secret events, interventions and happenings Mr Eks shed a light on the exciting, undiscovered side of Camden.

Coney worked together with Camden Council to put Londoners and visitors in touch with Camden’s cultural offerings. For July 2011, Mr Eks brought people together in a celebration of the core of Camden – the underground, the joyful and the down-right odd.

The events were selected to explore the multifaceted cultural communities and subcultures that populate the area, as well as revealing hidden places, enlivening stunning spaces and celebrating the ethos of Camden and all it encompasses. The program integrated museums and galleries of the borough as well as new events initiated by Coney, like Tom Bolton’s Lost River Walks and a barge with one-on-one performances. Other events included Francesca Gavin, Dazed & Confused’s visual arts editor, chairing a series of talks on counterculture with contemporary artists, Strange Attractor playing with live electricity and Theremins in the darkness, alternative market tours, a folk music all-dayer and a Black Dogs curated evening of DIY, punk, performance and art.

Mr Eks’ website won Gold at Visuelt in Norway.


“a completely unique, magical and fun way to discover under-the-radar events in Camden”

Loma-Ann Marks, Culture Compass


Mr Eks’ Camden Players was developed by Coney for Camden Council

Concept development: Annette Mees & Tassos Stevens
Director: Annette Mees
Producer: Tracky Crombie
Writer, concept and style development: Glyn Cannon
Writer, blog and social media: Neil Bennun

Digital Team
Creative director & designer: Suzie Webb
Production manager: Andy Hartwell & Eleonor Giles (Substrakt)
Back End developer: Mark Steadman (Substrakt)
Front End development: James Braithwait (Substrakt)
Digital Consultancy: Antonio Gould

Live Events Team
Research and curation: Anne Fritz & Susanna Davies-Crook
Production managers: Georgina Bednar & Luke Girling
Production support: Rebecca Frecknall
Launch design: Lucy Mills

Collaborating artists
Becky Hogge, Black Dogs, Chilli Hawes, Collectif and then, Frogs and Jays, James Ball, James Milligan, Mark Simpkins, Musicity, Natalie Mady, Netaudio, Thomas Bolton, Sarah Morrison, Strange Attractor, The Amazing Scottie Brothers and Yasmeen Khan.

Idea Generation
Team leader: Paul Drury
PR team: Camilla Jones & Jenny Carroll
Coney Comms Officer: Ellie Robinson

Additional help and support
Ali Boyraz, Amos Levin, Elly Condron, Joey Ryken, Tom Bowtell, St Pancras Church Crypt.

AV2Hire, Bugbear Bookings, Camden Council, Camden Lock Market, Camden Railway, Camden Town Unlimited, Canal and River Cruises, Dingwalls, Heritage Trust, Kopy Kat,  The Constitution, The Flying Chef and The Pirate Castle.