October 2012

There are long-forgotten mysteries lurking behind every creaking door of Battersea’s old Town Hall. Cobwebs cling to hidden doorways and secret passages, and from these old and dusty places an adventure is waiting to burst out and take over the building.

George Neighbour has lived at Battersea Arts Centre all his life and knows it like the back of his hand, but now he needs your help to uncover the mystery of his lost memory. Join him on a thrilling dash through the building, jumping in and out of magical worlds where curious characters all have their own incredible tale to tell.

Battersea Arts Centre’s acclaimed 2012 Christmas show held three adventures for different young age groups. For Young Adventures of 6+ years, BAC commissioned an array of artists to conjure 10 minute experiences for audiences as they explored BAC in search of George Neighbour’s lost memories.  The Coney Meeting Rooms cast little ones as members of the Department of Smiles, tasked with the knotty problem of making the despondent Mr Neighbour happy again. Joyful solutions included eating chocolate pizza whilst riding a seahorse off the Spanish coast.

The Good Neighbour was nominated for the Off West End Award for Best Show for Young People.


“In Coney’s meeting room, the grey, grown-up solemnity of the agenda and the in-tray clashes with jokes told through stifled giggles. Asked what happiness feels like, I’m startled by the imagination and eloquence of the kids in the room, while I mentally fumble for hackneyed phrases.”

Catherine Love


Coney was here represented by Georgina Bednar and Tom Bowtell.

Concept and writing: Georgina Bednar & Tom Bowtell
Designer: Libby Blackwell
Production manager: Georgina Bednar
The boss: Michael Cusick & Toby Peach