November 2014

Here’s Dennis. He’s here to pitch you a system for the theatre of the future, all about giving you choice.

Here’s the theatre-system you’re inside, powered by an algorithm:
we are here to help you be more like people like you.

Here, let’s imagine Sally. You are all playing Sally. She dreams of freedom. Let’s see how she goes.

Springing out of conversations between director Tassos Stevens and artist/technologist James Bridle, Codename: REMOTE is a playful parable about freedom of choice and the internet, and the human impact of the pervasive digital systems governing our lives. It’s interactive theatre for a (mostly) sit-down audience, mashing up The Stanley Parable and Machinal. And whoever knew there would be so many cats.

We’re developing REMOTE towards full production next year. After R&D this month at BAC and CPT, following sketches scratched at CPT, come join us for performances sketching and sharing ideas for the future of this piece.


“playful and sly and ticklish…”

Brian Logan, Camden People’s Theatre

“Getting at something fascinating and truthful about the endless choices we’re faced with.”

Audience feedback




28 - 30 Nov 14

Scratches at Camden People's Theatre, 7pm/7.30pm


Assistants – Joe Ball & Kai Oliver
Director and co-writer – Tassos Stevens
Ear – Annette Mees
Dramaturgs – James Bridle & Brian Logan
Performers – Gemma Brockis, Tom Lyall, Flora Wellesley-Wesley
Projection design – Will Duke
Sound design – Melanie Wilson