Surfing & Diving, Zwolle

7 November 2014

Tassos Stevens and Rhiannon Armstrong head to Zwolle in November to present a workshop on collaborators and audiences, at ArtEZ’s Surfing & Diving. 


A lecture in the disco, with after-party. A digital sabbath. An intensive yoga lesson or a spiritual weekend. You like worthy causes on Facebook. You’re socially involved and self-confident, and you let it show.

Where do you look for meaning? Do you dive deeply into books and spirituality? Or do you find it by surfing across the crests of the waves all around you? Does one cancel the other out, or is superficiality the new profundity?

Surfing & Diving will be clearing a path through our super-fast lives and join artists and thinkers from the realms of art, science and society in their search for depth and happiness.


Surfing & Diving in Zwolle, The Netherlands

ArtEZ Studium Generale Festival
Fri 7 Nov, 9.30-6pm

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