A weekend of open events on making better politics 2015

FuturePlay at FutureFest 2013, image credit Matt Howey-Nunn.


Coney is hosting open events over the weekend of 25th and 26th July at Camden People’s Theatre, about making tools for better engagement and conversation about politics, around a flag of a common good.

This sparked from thoughts I posted in the wake of the election: about how to duck the barriers which make participating in politics difficult, how to articulate an open progressive vision without political baggage, how to make connections with people of different views beyond our echo chambers, and how we might best change minds.

On the Saturday 25th, we’re hosting a playday to use our skills – as storytellers, facilitators, interaction designers, activists, or just generally interested people – to make tools helping engagement, conversation, and activism.

For instance, I’m myself interested in brainstorming metaphors to show why a household debt isn’t the same as a national deficit, hacking games on why people overfixate on ‘cheats’ in a system like welfare, making memebombs around media ownership.

We’ll use an open space process to hear all the ideas in the room, and so you can get involved in making stuff where you’re most interested or feel most useful.

On the Sunday 26th, we’re hosting a salon to talk #agoodquestion in small groups, then to call an open space for discussion about what happens next.

You can come along on either the Saturday or the Sunday or both.

Tickets are PWYW (with a suggested donation of a fiver to help cover direct costs).

You don’t need any particular skills or background to take part, just be open and game to get involved.

You can book tickets here: www.tinyurl.com/cptcommongood

If you can’t be there but you’re interested to be kept in the loop, drop a line to knock@coneyhq.org with subject ‘better politics’.

Tassos Stevens

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