The Astro Science Challenge, an Unlimited Space Agency project in collaboration with Coney and Makewaves, is a space science adventure for children aged 7-11 to coincide with Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. It began in Autumn 2015, but you can still play! 


Free for children aged 7-11 or Key Stage 2 classes in primary schools, groups signed up to play as a team and compete to prove themselves the most talented and dedicated scientists of the future.

The competition ran over the final half term November-December 2015, directly referencing Tim’s activities and mission in space. Each of the six missions posed a new, science-based challenge that the students had to complete, uploading their results to a dedicated Makewaves website. While there were be overall winning teams, all participating individuals who successfully completed each challenge in the adventure were rewarded with a series of “Open Badges” – a new way of recognising any achievement digitally, created by Mozilla (the company responsible for the Firefox web browser). For The Astro Science Challenge we are creating dedicated unSpace Badges as rewards, with each badge being endorsed by one of our partners.

Sign up here to complete the missions and collect all six badges!

Unlimited, Coney and Makewaves ran a large scale, interactive adventure delivered via the internet across Autumn 2015; using storytelling and game design to excitingly deliver a series of science based challenges, each one curriculum linked and co-designed with one of our partners on an exciting topic:

• The Met Office (Space Weather)
• The Royal Observatory Greenwich (Astronomy)
• The Science Museum (Spaceflight+Gravity)
• Young Rewired State (Computer Science & Coding)
• The British Science Association (cross curricular)
• The European Space Agency (Health and Nutrition)

“We are continually looking for exciting ways to engage young people in STEM subjects and The Astro Science Challenge from the Unlimited Space Agency  will do just that. The Astro Science Challenge will bring together our expertise in space weather with UNSA’s award-winning engagement programme to inspire the next generation of young scientists and space explorers.” 

Felicity Liggins, Senior climate scientist, The Met Office

“Young Rewired State are really excited to be working with the Unlimited Space Agency on the Astro Science Challenge in 2015. We’re always looking for innovative ways to reach new audiences and get as many young people as possible enthused by tech. Space exploration is the best example out there of technology making the seemingly impossible, possible, which is why we want to work with the Astro Science Challenge to bring that story to life.” 

Ruth Nicholls, Managing Director

May 2016 – Astro Science Challenge was shortlisted for the Charity Awards 2016; Arts Culture & Heritage.

Tania Mason, editorial director at Civil Society Media which organises the Charity Awards, congratulated us on making the highly-coveted shortlist. She said:

“We had a record number of entries this year, and the standard was particularly high, so Unlimited should be very proud to have made the shortlist. For 16 years the Charity Awards have been identifying and celebrating the fantastic work that UK charities do, and the rigorous judging process ensures that only the very best-run charities make it through.”


Unlimited Space Agency patron and British and European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake.

Coney & Unlimited ran a pilot version of this adventure in 2011 winning a series of prestigious awards, and acclaimed by students and teachers alike…

“It was the most exciting thing I’ve done in teaching for a long time! The challenges certainly created enthusiasm and motivation for learning. The children were absolutely captivated and most didn’t want the project to end.” 

Teacher at Flore CE Primary School, Northampton

“I loved the whole programme. It made science exciting and fun and the lesson plans were a fantastic help. The children were extremely motivated by the whole thing, every aspect excited them and they were engrossed in the characters created and the sense of competition.” 

Teacher, Holy Trinity Primary London

“All the teachers thoroughly enjoyed participating in the project, had been impressed by the children’s learning, in particular in science, group working, research and presentation skills and the project’s ability to motivate learning.” 

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Coney represented here by Tom Bowtell, Tassos Stevens, Rhiannon Armstrong & Toby Peach.