Throughout 2016

Local Agency is a series of projects in development, facilitating adventure, curiosity and loveliness with communities in the North East of England.

In February and March Local Agency landed in the North East where we ran secret adventures, play and loveliness over a period of six weeks, with residents of Newcastle and Northumberland, in partnership with Northern Stage.

We worked with some fantastic people and organisations. At Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham, we ran a Loveliness Operation. We worked in the centre of Newcastle with Warm Collective – a music collective who invited us to ask A Good Question and we delivered agency training to some brilliant artists based in the North East, which culminated in A Pub Quiz On Newcastle at Northern Stage. 

Coney’s work is inspired by the belief that the world can be a magical place – where people can do extraordinary things. The audiences are at the soul of the work, co-creating the experience with the stories and the worlds Coney have designed.

More to be announced soon while this gets much bigger in 2016…



“The Pub Quiz was great – one of the best things about it was the way that people left engaged with the local area.”

Audience member

“I did not know what to expect ad if I went again I would know even less. But I certainly learnt from the evening and I will look at Newcastle differently… I may even find out my own secrets and stories.”

Audience member

“These are kids who usually shy away from social contact being together and overcoming their anxieties in a magical and moving togetherness. Fantastic seeing these kids in another light, really amazing!”

Kitty Graham, Teacher


Devised by Coney, here represented by Morag Iles, Toby Peach and Tassos Stevens.


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