REMOTE production shots

In the final week of its run at Camden People’s Theatre, REMOTE is in full swing and if you’re looking for a sneak peak into the show, look no further than these production shots, courtesy of Richard Lakos.

The photographs below feature our brilliant performers Tom Lyall and Angela Clerkin.

The team behind the scenes helped make REMOTE happen – from writing and direction by Tassos Stevens, supported by Assistant Director Rei Poh, Assistant Advance Designer John Burrows and Consultant Dramaturg James Bridle, to lighting design and stage design from Vincent Field and Barney George. And that’s not to mention Live Sound Designer Kieran Lucas making the show magical each night, and the fantastic Gemma Brockis who rejoined the show as one of the performers this week.

REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image1 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image2 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image3 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image4 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image5 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image6 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image7 REMOTE_ConeyLtd_Credit RichardLakos_Image8

Photo credit: Richard Lakos

In case you missed it, have a look at our REMOTE reviews round-up blog here for responses from critics and audiences alike.

REMOTE runs for one more week until 30 April at Camden People’s Theatre. Click here to book tickets.


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  1. Elena Nemtseva

    I don’t think it’s as much about algorithms deciding for you, as much as it’s about authority, conformity, influencing/propaganda making use of our innate good intentions. How else do you explain a 50-strong group of educated, sensible and seemingly caring individuals in the audience (including myself) committing a terrorist act and an infanticide over the course of the play (even if it was just a game?..). Still thinking about it now. Good job guys.


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