What’s She Like

Released on 3 June 2016

What’s She Like is an online game for you to play on your smartphone made by Coney and Headlong living inside the world of People, Places and Things by Duncan Macmillan.

In People, Places & Things, Emma is checked into a rehab centre to tackle her addictions. That very same rehab centre has just released a smartphone app. To help people manage their relationship and addiction with their smartphones.

You chat to an AI therapist and, as well as learning about you and your smartphone, slowly piece together many answers to that same question: what’s she like?

Enter the world of What’s She Like below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.18.18

What’s She Like is a standalone browser-based experience – not really an app, no downloads – for which you don’t need to have seen People, Places & Things. But you should if you can because it’s *excellent*, and running at Wyndham’s Theatre, co-produced by Headlong and the National Theatre.

What’s She Like is written and designed by Gareth Damian Martin and Tassos Stevens, with playlines written by Emma Frankland, Liz Ebengo, Rhiannon Armstrong and Sarah Grochala.




Coney is here represented by Gareth Damian-Martin and Tassos Stevens.

Playline writers: Emma Frankland, Liz Ebengo, Rhiannon Armstrong, Silé Edwards, Sarah Grochala.

Made with:


In collaboration with:




Such a fab and immersive game!!!! Almost fell out of bed when I got the phone calls!!! Loved playing it.”

Ellie Sylvester (@Elllliemae) on Twitter

This is my new favourite thing. So well done – both fun and touching

Mita Williams (@copystar) on Twitter

this game is actually a gift (ps – the phone call made me cry. real tears)

Isobel Thom (@obelane) on Twitter

I was completely invested!



Julie Clark, who studied What’s She Like and wrote  this blog

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