An invitation to the Network


One of our favourite things to do is get together with new creative friends. We just can’t get enough.

In the last couple of months we’ve found new pals in Newcastle and Manila, befriended teachers and programmers, and made work with budding writers and sound technicians. We love learning about different playful practices, so naturally we want to surround ourselves with amazing and inspiring makers of all kinds – and that’s where you come in.

We’d like to invite you to join the Network of Coney. It’s free to join, open to all, and a way for us to connect with people who like making stuff, and like the stuff we make. The Network also allows us to plan and share all sorts of events and opportunities with likeminded lovely folks like you; each year, we host Coney Masterclasses, Playdays, Scratches, Salons, Exchanges, Sharings and more.

Recently, we’ve hosted a Playday & Scratch weekend, sharing Coney toolkits with our Mancunian friends at HOME and scratching adventures in 48 hours.


…and we’ve been scampering about Forest Hill on a week-long Masterclass with a group of carrot-loving creators from all over the shop…

SA1 Coney_IMG3

…and who knows what other open events are in the pipeline for this autumn? 😉

But we’ll say this much – the Network will be the first to know. So if you do fancy joining, you can do just that here.

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