The Common

a project by Coney
here represented by Afreena Islam, Iain Bloomfield, Segen Yosef, Tassos Stevens, and others tbc.

You ever want to know what really makes us tick?
Don’t take everything we say at face value.
Let’s play.

The Common explores difference, diversity, and division, inviting you to step into somebody else’s beliefs, and play their perspective.

You’ll be invited into a series of immersive games, in a sly contest between the generations.

It’s young versus old. The future versus the past. Whose side are you on?

Coney is scratching The Common at BAC after previous development at Theatre Delicatessen and Barbican Open Labs.

Public sharings on evenings of Fri 16th and Sat 17th, 7pm. PWYC. Book here.

Invitations to free playtests also open to Coney’s Network (anyone interested in making play can join the network).

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