Open Events

Throughout 2017

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We’ve got all sorts of open events in store for the year for the Network and wider public. They are:

  1. Scratch events – two Scratch events upcoming in 2017, dates to be announced
  2. Salons – two Salons upcoming in 2017, dates to be announced
  3. Exchanges – throughout the year for the Network of Coney; join the Network for details
  4. Playdays – opportunities to playfully develop and share work to be announced
  5. Masterclass – week-long Masterclasses sharing processes and techniques for making interactive theatre upcoming in 2017; give us a knock if you’re interested

Keep up with our events by joining our mailing list – or if you’d like to make a thing or two with us this year, join the Network of Coney to find out how.

And if you’d like to find out more, ask a question or just chat, drop us a line.

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