March 2017

The Snooper’s Charter is law.

They are watching you online,

Join us as we enter a post privacy world…

How does it feel when your privacy is invaded? It’s London 2018 and a revised bill on state surveillance powers is about to be voted. Secret activists look to protect you and the public but risk being outed. State agents use tools to keep tabs on us via our access to the internet and smartphones. You are players in the system of surveillance.

Following the passing of the Snoopers Charter by UK parliament in November 2016, YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE (working title) invites you to play an immersive game of surveillance, in an attempt to expose how governments and corporations are accessing our private data, what it feels like to have our privacy invaded, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Based on interviews with experts in the field and drawing on the latest research, you’ll leave with a tail of online tools and tactics made by Coney against encroaching surveillance by both corporations and state.

The show is being developed in conversation with leading free expression organisations including Open Rights Group, Big Brother Watch, Liberty, English Pen and ARTICLE 19.

Commissioned by Free Word and Camden People’s Theatre, it will be presented to an invited audience at the Free Word Centre on 9 March, with plans for the work to be further developed for a wider audience later in 2017.


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Concept by Coney
Direction Michelle McMahon and Tassos Stevens
Design William Drew and Tassos Stevens
Writing William Drew and Tassos Stevens
Sound Design Kieran Lucas
Research William Drew
Performed by Alejandro De Mesa, Angela Clerkin, Dan Ford, Richard Popple, Segen Yosife and Tom Lyall
Devised by The Company representing Coney
Producer Natalie Adams
Production Manager|Stage Manager Adam Robertson
Stage Management Placement (RWCMD) Robert Fletcher