Introducing David, our Associate in Residence

Introducing David, our Associate in Residence

Those who came to November’s Scratch Night of Play may remember our Australian Associate, brilliant theatre maker and dance-party master, David Finnigan.

David has recently made his way from Australia to the UK, joining us as Associate in Residence at Coney HQ. As well as Coneying, he’s been working on his show Kill Climate Deniersjetting off to Vienna and more – but we’ll hand you over to the man himself:


I arrived in London about four weeks ago, and I’m here for the next few months as Associate in Residence for Coney. That means I’m working here up until the end of summer, taking on a few small commissions and projects for the company, but also developing a new line of work: a line of systems gaming activities to be delivered to schools and businesses.

What that looks like in practice will emerge over the next couple of months; I’m currently developing the prototype offer, and we’re chatting with some potential partners to help us test it out. That will be my main focus, and it’s super exciting.

Also on the systems gaming front, the Best Festival Ever crew are gearing up to present a season in Sydney at the beginning of June, at the Seymour Centre (alongside Chris Rapley’s 2071, super exciting).


And, I spent a week last month in Vienna at the European Geoscientists Union General Assembly. This is a huge gathering of 14,500 earth system scientists, and it acts as a kind of survey of the current limits of humanity’s understanding of our planet. It was a pretty incredible space to be in, and I’ve written about it in a form which I will share soon (on my website, here). I was there thanks to the Earth Observatory of Singapore, speaking about Boho’s upcoming collaboration with them to develop a new game looking at a natural hazard crisis.

Upon arriving in London, I did a short three-night run of Kill Climate Deniers at Camden Peoples Theatre. That was lovely, and a really fascinating set of performances, too – translating the work to a UK context is a really interesting challenge.

I’ll be presenting it again, as a one-off for Artsadmin’s 2 Degrees Festival in June. That’ll be the solo show plus the dance party, which is gonna be just lovely.


And, finally, I’m curating and presenting Scratch & Play, Coney’s Scratch night hosted with Theatre Delicatessen on Saturday 20 May. Simon Katan, Heather Barnett, Rhiannon Armstrong, Sarah Fine, Segen Yosef and Afreena Islam will all be presenting, and I’m going to do a short snippet myself – I think a little bit of the work I’m developing about Doug Cocks and his work, particularly his influence on Boho’s Food for the Great Hungers.

So London is hectic. I spent today just sitting in my bedroom in Stratford, writing. And at the end of the day it doesn’t feel like I’ve done very much, but we’re getting there, we’re getting there.

Scratch & Play, curated by David and featuring five new pieces of interactive theatre, is on this Saturday 20 May. Click here to read more and book tickets.

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