The Droves Trailer

We are delighted to present The Droves Trailer, made by project Documenter Natalie Raaum.

400 young people. 22 workshops. 7 schools.

And a 2 day Festival Weekend.

Take a look at Natalie’s insightful film below:

In March, our workshops in making interactive theatre, exploring the potential of young people in schools across Tower Hamlets and beyond, culminated in a weekend of immersive creativity: The Droves Festival.

A team of young artists aged 7-11 came together to develop their creative toolkits and receive mentorship in acting, storytelling, stage design, sound design and theatre producing from industry professionals. But most importantly, they came together to form a company of young makers, taking control of their own creative project and exploding their imaginative ideas into a unique immersive world. This is our vision for The Droves: 360 degree engagement for a young company, taking the reins of all elements of a professional immersive production for adults.

We hope you enjoy the trailer showcasing The Droves Festival and the project as it develops.

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