Local Agency found its way back to Northumberland in April 2017, landing in the town of Hexham as The Hexham Mural Project.

The Hexham Mural Project playfully fostered the principles of adventure, curiosity and loveliness throughout the town. While a team of eleven local young people from Queen Elizabeth High School ran secret reconnaissance missions around their hometown and collected intel to create a gift, five Hexham theatre makers were crafting an adventure to be delivered as a gift of their own. What happened when these two groups of gift givers (and receivers) crossed paths? A glimpse of the stories and secrets of Hexham.

Local Agency is a series of bespoke outreach projects designed for any place, facilitating adventure, curiosity and loveliness with communities nationwide.





Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 April

Hexham, Northumberland


Representing Coney are: Morag Iles and Toby Peach.

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