A Legacy Project

Once in a while, something comes along which you didn’t plan for, that is truly exceptional.

We would like to share with you an extra-ordinary project – and an extra-ordinary kickstarter campaign to support it. From his road-trip to Indianapolis, here’s a note from Tassos on the project:

You may ( or may not but you should 😉 ) know of Bernie De Koven, who has written some remarkable books on the practice and philosophy of play – The Well-Played Game is one of my greatest influences, and Bernie himself the closest I have to a jedi master (for real).

Bernie announced recently that he’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doesn’t have long left. I wrote to him, and we started talking especially about his legacy… and I’m now about to drive to Indianapolis to spend a week with him.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 13.30.48


We’re going to be devising a game together, A Game Of Legacy: a game about legacy and what it means to pass onto posterity, and a game which we hope itself will also be one small part of Bernie’s legacy.

Coney is going to produce the game and has launched a kickstarter – to raise costs for the material expenses of the project, designers and any other collaborators, and to spread the word about the game and Bernie’s legacy.

We’re aiming to raise £2000 for the costs of making and distributing the game, and for paying any external collaborators.

Click here to view the campaign, watch Tassos and Bernie’s video and find out more about this very special project. Rewards for pledging to the Kickstarter include postcards from Tassos and Bernie in Indianapolis, the Game of Legacy they will be making, and even your own personal adventure. The Kickstarter runs until 1 August, and we’re excited to share updates with you as the game, and project, develops.

Whether or not you are able to pledge to the campaign, we’d love for you to share this project so that we can build a network around this idea, this legacy, and this extraordinary master of play.

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