The Coney Family at the Edinburgh Fringe

Image: Jyothi Giles

‘Tis the season. Artists from Devon to Derby are making their annual migration north for the summer, for the celebration of performance/endurance test that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And while Coney are not charging into the fray this year, many of the Coney family are.

Our Associates are as prolific as ever. George Bednar is at the Pleasance with The Duke, a funny and poignant show mixing fantasy and reality to playfully challenge our priorities, and also working with working with Shon Dale Jones & Hoipolloi on ME & ROBIN HOOD. She also recommends curious directive‘s Frogman for a spot of interactivity and groundbreaking VR.

Dominic Garfield’s brilliant company HighRise Theatre are presenting The Concrete Jungle Book, a hip hop musical and survival guide written by Dom himself and in partnership with artsdepot. Get hyped, and catch it at ZOO.

Kieran Lucas is also at ZOO with the wonderful Barrel Organ team, debuting their new show Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here on debt, eviction, childhood, and the thing under the floorboards. Kieran is also working on Hear Me Raw by Lipsink Theatre which you can find down at Underbelly.

Ben Pacey is working with Touretteshero Jess Thom on Not I, exploring neurodiversity and asking who is allowed to perform what and who gets the final say. Find them in the Pleasance Courtyard. And on top of that, Ben has also contributed various design layers to shows by Idiot Child, The Mostly Everything People and Javaad Alipoor.

David Finnigan highly recommends Lilith the Jungle Girl by Australian treasures Sisters Grimm – an explosively messy mash-up of satire, slime and queer rage which you can find at the Traverse Theatre.

And Tassos recommends DollyWould by the ever chaotic and on-point Sh!t Theatre at Summerhall, and I Am A Tree, Jamie Wood‘ dance party with ghosts, in a forest, in a theatre. But also recommends that, with a friend, you shuffle the pages of the fringe brochure and stick a pin, having both committed to go and see whatever show it lands on. (Seriously. You can find some of the best things that way.)

To all migrating to Edinburgh this summer, have a fantastic time (and remember to sleep and eat vegetables). And to all not – have a wonderful and peaceful August, in anticipation of a September full of fresh new theatrical recommendations.

Coney x

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