REMOTE: introducing the touring company

This week, we are excited to be kicking off rehearsals for REMOTE ahead of its country-wide tour.

Click here to see the locations and dates of our 10-stop tour, and to book tickets.

With our first stop in Oxford on the horizon, we are delighted to announce the full touring company to you here:



Ellie Browning     Project Producer

Ellie is a producer, programmer and theatre-maker. She is Programmer and Producer at Riverside Studios, Assistant Programmer and Producer at Assembly Festival, and Artistic Director of verbatim theatre company Every Day.

Jess Latowicki    Performer

Jess is a live artist, writer and performer. She is a Co-Director of Made In China. Recent work includes: Double Double Act (Made in China) and Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me (Made in China).

Kieran Lucas     Sound Designer

Kieran is a sound designer, theatre-maker, musician, composer, technician and performer. He is a founding member of Barrel Organ theatre company, and is currently working on My Name is Rachel Corrie at the Young Vic. He is an Associate of Coney, with work including: Act. Don’t Act and YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE.

Adam Robertson     Production Manager | Stage Manager

Adam Robertson is a Production Manager, Stage Manager, facilitator and performer. He is a Co-Director of Milk Presents. His work with Coney includes: YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE.

Naomi Stafford    Performer

Naomi is a performer and founding member of The Watermark Collective and is currently a performer with Bootworks. Recent work includes: How Is Uncle John (Creative Garages, Ben Mills), The Bear (Pins and Needles, Finn Caldwell) and Stasis (Encompass Productions, Liam Fleming).

Tassos Stevens     Director | Script and Interaction Designer

Tassos is a theatre-maker, interaction designer and Runner & Director of Coney. He is both artist and scientist, with a doctorate in psychology.

Georgia Symons    Project Associate

Georgia is a theatre maker, game designer and installation artist from Melbourne. She is the co-founder of Melbourne-based scratch night Small and Loud.

For more details and to book tickets for the REMOTE Tour, click here.

You can find the original creative team here.


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