The Absent Inventor

Commissioned by the Museum of London

The Absent Inventor

The Absent Inventor
11am, 1pm & 3pm (70 minute workshop)

World renowned Yvette the Inventor has some great ideas about how to combat environmental issues in London. Join her, and her two assistants, to try and piece together a future for London. Can you help create new inventions to make London a more environmentally friendly city in this interactive workshop? 

The Museum of London has commissioned Coney to create interactive and tech-playful workshops as part of The City is Ours family festival on 11 & 12 November.

The Absent Inventor is an interactive worksop that sparks young peoples thinking on creative inventions and environmental issues in London. Aimed at young people ages six to eight, the workshop is facilitated with the use of Coney’s Magic Phone Platform technology, utilising codewords to unlock messages and inspire the young inventors to tackle environmental challenges in their city.

The workshops are free and you can sign-up on the day at the Museum of London on 11 & 12 November, 11am, 1pm & 3pm.

The City is Ours exhibition will be running at the Museum of London until January 2018; click here for more information.

Image: Natalie Raaum

Artist Toby Peach
Performer|Facilitator Rebekah Murrel
Ear Tassos Stevens
Producer Natalie Adams

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