The Absent Inventor at the Museum of London

We are buzzing with excitement as we’ve been commissioned by the Museum of London to create a brand new workshop, which we’re calling The Absent Inventor. Taking place this weekend with artists Toby Peach and Rebekah Murrell, you can join us and Yvette to help piece together a future for a sustainable London.

Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 November
11am, 1pm & 3pm (70 minute workshop)
Free – just sign-up


Here’s a little more from Associate Artist Toby Peach on what they’ve got planned:

“We’re very excited to be running some workshops at The Museum Of London this weekend around their exhibition City of Ours. It’s a fantastic exhibition that explores the future of cities and the pleasures and challenges of urban living through a range of digital and physical interactives and films. The exhibition highlights ways in which individuals, communities and governments are working to improve city life, from reducing food waste, to creating cleaner air and better transport systems.

We’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday running workshops as part of Celebrate the City of London, a free family activities exploring new digital technologies. I’m going to be there with Ree, and we’re assisting the World renowned Yvette the Inventor who has some great ideas about how to combat environmental issues in London, in particular Air Pollution. Yvette is a pretty big deal in the Invention World but is known for being ‘Inspirational at inventions. Terrible at Time. ‘ so we hope she makes it…If not we may need some help!

The workshop will explore air pollution in the City of London, the causes, effects and, hopefully, we’ll come up with some excellent solutions to these problems with the help of the young people. Air Pollution in London (and in big cities across the world) is a massive problem and we are starting to see the effect it is having on people’s health. There are changes the government are making but we can also push for cleaner air. There’s an excellent look at what air pollution is and how we can help make the air cleaner on the London Air website here –

We’ll let you know what happens this weekend and what brilliant inventions the young people, and Yvette (hopefully!), come up with.”

We very much hope to see you and your young inventors there 🙂

Image: Natalie Raaum

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