Coney’s new Administrator – Introducing Rowan

Hello! Nice to (sort of) meet you. I’m Rowan. You’ve probably already figured out from the title of this blog post that I’m Coney’s new Administrator. Unbelievably, I’ve already been here a month, though it doesn’t feel that long. 

My Coney experience so far has been a joy – I’m feeling extremely lucky to be working with such brilliant people. It’s also been fast-paced and varied. Administration at Coney encompasses an astonishingly wide range of tasks, the most memorable so far being shopping for the Coney Club Night, with a list ranging from a job lot of Lego to a thousand purple balloons. 

This is a particularly exciting time to be starting out, as the The Droves is just about to reach audiences. We’re putting together the set at the moment, which, without giving too much away, has meant more bizarre shopping lists. I’ve also been able to play A Game of Legacy and 95 Years Or Less. They’re two very different projects but both, unusually for Coney, involve a physical tabletop game. Having pretty things to photograph is a gift for our Instagram, although it has required some creativity with regard to storage.

Writing this particular blog is actually one of the more daunting items on my to-do list. This is because the moment someone utters the dreaded phrase ‘Tell me about yourself’, my personality evaporates out through my ears, causing me to either fall silent or reel off my CV in an intensely boring way. Call it an endearing quirk.

For that reason, I’m going to introduce myself by way of a fact file. It should cover most of the essentials, and if you want to know more (or see more cartoons), I have a blog

Rowan: Fact File

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