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It’s been an exciting start to 2018, with the culmination of 3 years development on The Droves, which was performed last week. We’ve had amazing feedback from audiences and press, and our Young Company have had a unique and brilliant experience of being part of a professional production, saying:

It’s inspiring me. Coming here is inspiring me.’

‘I never thought I could have made this.’

‘You literally change your personality into something totally different.’


Droves contract facebook

As this creative whirlwind of kids and carpets comes to an end, we’re delighted to bring you our programme announcement for the rest of 2018. This spring and beyond, we’ll be developing new ways of creating loveliness, curiosity, and adventure.

Everything we do invites you to play with us as a co-creator. This might be on the go, wherever you happen to be, or as part of an audience who’ve come together especially. And if you’re curious about the earlier stages of our work, when it’s still in the making, you can join our Network to hear about opportunities to playtest and other ways to get involved.

Read on to find out more about Coney’s adventures in 2018…


The Common


The Common explores difference, diversity, and division, inviting you to step into somebody else’s beliefs, and play their perspective. This year, Coney is scratching The Common at BAC after previous development at Theatre Delicatessen and Barbican Open Labs.

You’ll be invited into a series of immersive games, in a sly contest between the generations. Public sharings on the evenings of Fri 16th and Sat 17th, 7pm, PWYW – booking is open here.

Representing Coney in this stage of development are: Afreena Islam, Emma Frankland, Iain Bloomfield, Kieran Lucas, Michael Adewale, Segen Yosef, Tassos Stevens.


An Infiltration Adventure

There’s nothing quite as exciting as going somewhere you shouldn’t. Following on the tail of Adventure 1, which took you into a secret location in the heart of the city of London, comes a new adventure infiltrating somewhere about which, for now, our lips are tightly sealed.

Representing Coney are Jessica Fenek, Josh Smith, and others tbc. 


We The People (of this place)

WTP (1)

We The People (of this place) is a gameshow about your community, with questions set by people of the community. It’s a conversation, a celebration of local distinctiveness and the loveliness of this place. It’s a pub quiz, and it’s a playful secret.

In 2018, We The People will land in Calder Valley, Yorkshire, in partnership with Arts Catalyst; Folkestone in partnership with Creative Foundation, and other places to be announced soon.

Representing Coney are: Tassos Stevens and others tbc, including local makers.


The Estates


In development, 2018

The Estates is play made by and with people in their homes, on their streets and where they live, for them and other audiences. Working in partnership with Ovalhouse, the project will pilot this summer in Brixton.

Representing Coney here are Dom Garfield and Tassos Stevens in collaboration with Ovalhouse


A Game Of Legacy

AGOL Boxes

We made a game for and with the jedi master of play Bernie De Koven, as he nears his passing. It’s a game about legacy, and spreading the beautiful joyous wisdom of play as only Bernie can express.

The game is a surprise parcel, which you receive in the post – only to open when you have people gathered around a table, ready to play. Originally made for backers of our Kickstarter, we are planning a new release both for public and for organisations to host.

A collaboration between Bernie De Koven and Coney, here represented by Gary Campbell, Gareth Damian Martin, Hoda Adra, Jyothi Giles, Kieran Lucas, and Tassos Stevens. 


Pass It On

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.46.11

A playful legacy, a document of conversations between Bernie De Koven and Tassos Stevens who travelled to visit Bernie in summer 2017, in a trip supported by the British Council.

You’ll sign up online to receive a series of letters, an invitation to play, exchange, and reflect on the nature of play and mentorship.

Representing Coney here is Tassos Stevens.


The Young Coneys

Untitled design (37)

Image © Natalie Raaum

In development, 2018

The Young Coneys are young people making theatre, adventures and games for others, especially grown-ups, to play. All are infused with our ethos of adventure, curiosity and loveliness.

Their biggest project so far has been The Droves, and you can meet them online in Kids Take Over. We will be working with The Young Coneys towards a new mystery project this summer.

Representing Coney here are Toby Peach, and others tbc.


Adventures & Play in the Home

Untitled design (75)

In development, 2018

We’re finding new ways of making projects and playthings for families with children, to play together at home. Look our for a collaboration with Casson & Friends, and other projects in this line to be developed in 2018 and beyond…

Representing Coney are Tassos Stevens, Toby Peach, and others tbc.


A Lovely Intervention


A Lovely Intervention uses play and gift-giving to encourage positive change for clients of Wandsworth Probation Service. A pioneering new method for rehabilitation, it will continue in development through 2018.

The impact is designed bespoke for the client as an individual, but will also impact recipients of gifts, the non-recipients of crimes, and networks of family and friends for social cohesion in that community.

Representing Coney are: Astrid Breel, Becki Haines, Tassos Stevens, and others tbc. Developed in collaboration with Barbara Cala-Lesina of Wandsworth Probation Services.


Open events


We’ll be sharing hosting open events throughout this year, some for our Network and some open to the public. The best way to keep in the loop about these is by joining the Network and our mailing list, where we’ll update you with dates and details. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

Here are the kinds of events we’ll run in 2018:

Exchanges: For our Network to share ideas and works in progress.

Playtests: The chance to playfully develop new work before it goes public.

Masterclass: Coming soon from 26 – 28th March, our next Masterclass will be led by Toby Peach with Tassos Stevens, sharing practices and methods for making interactive theatre and play, especially for, with and by young people. Booking is open here.

Salons: Coming up in 2018, dates to be announced.

Scratch events: Coming up in 2018, dates to be announced.


Forever pieces in a pop-up playhouse

We are launching a pop-up playhouse online as an entrance for pieces you can play anywhere and/or forever. Some will be accessed via your phone, some will arrive in the post, some… well, that would be telling.

With support from the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, we are also commissioning three small pieces to play anywhere from our brilliant Associates.

Representing Coney here are Rhiannon Armstrong, Tassos Stevens, and others tbc. 




As well as our core programme, Coney will continue to work with a whole range of commissioning partners and organisations, creating innovative and bespoke projects on demand and in response to a brief.

In 2017 Coney delivered five commissions including YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE for Free Word & Camden People’s Theatre, Act. Don’t Act for C Space & Porter Novelli, The Shadow of the Future for Imperial War Museums, The Absent Inventor for Museum of London, and 95 Years or Less for Forum for the Future.

In 2018 we’ll announce new commissions throughout the year – keep an eye over on our blog or sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date. If you’d like to start a conversation with us about a new idea or project, contact Coney’s Producer Natalie. We’re always up for a cup of tea.

Representing Coney here are David Finnigan, Georgina Bednar, Michelle McMahon, Natalie Adams, Tassos Stevens, Toby Peach, and others from our network of expert associates and makers.



On Target White

Alongside our creative practice and artistic collaborations, we work with clients across sectors, delivering consultancy services for organisational insight, staff training, and fun.

In 2017 Coney’s specialists have delivered training programmes for clients including Hill + Knowlton StrategiesGreenpeaceScience Gallery LondonNatural History Museum and Chester Zoo. If you know what your organisation needs to accomplish, we can help you achieve it. Contact Coney’s Producer Natalie to discuss your needs.

Representing Coney here are David Finnigan, Michelle McMahon, Natalie Adams, Tassos Stevens, Toby Peach, and others from our network of expert associates and makers.


We can’t wait to get started, and to see what surprises the next year has in store – as ever, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities. To hear about these as they happen, keep an eye on our blog, and join our mailing list.

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